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      Shenzhen fengren Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in September of 2001,Our company is specialized at product design,Mold development, metal stamping and assembly fins manufacturers. Professional production of aluminum heat sinks, aluminum fins and a variety of contacts, shrapnel, products widely used Pcpower supply, LCD/LED-TVPower supply, switching power supply, mobile power, communications power supply, server power supplies, adapters, power amplifier, electronic equipment and other power supply,
built-in power supply and electronic products. Our Product client service for lenovo, huawei, ZTE and other well-known enterprises, customers receive a high degree of recognition. 
      Fengren located in Shenzhen Guangming New District, there are 10,000 square meters of manufacturing (fengren) Industrial Park. Our team has 300 employees., has 10T - 100T press, 25T - 200T precision high-speed presses, saws, post-groove machine, drilling machine, tapping machine, CNC milling machines, grinding machines, wire-EDM, nut rivet machine and other professional equipment. We have ablity to produce all kinds of aluminum plates, aluminum fins 450,000 ~ 600,000 PCS per day, monthly production capacity / 11,700,000 ~ 15,600,000 PCS, shrapnel, contact pads can produce / 45 million ~ 50 million PCS. our company has a professional engineer team and tool makers, strong technical force, focus on the development, they have  10 years experience production of heat sink, shrapnel, our team will work together to provide customers the most professional service from sample preparation, mold design and production.

      In 2005 our company passed the ISO9001 quality management system, establish a sound management system and quality assurance system, we have a variety of professional quality control  equipment. On the technical side we continue the process of improvement,keep improving  , and insist on quality to achieve full participation and ensure customer satisfaction. We will provide reasonable cost, good quality and best service to meet your needs.
      "Customer first, quality first" for the purpose fengren sincere service to our customers.        Business philosophy:We insist on dedication, professional & reliability. 
        We look forward to working together with you, welcome to visit our company.


Shenzhen Industrial Co., Ltd. fengren
Address:  Fengren Village Industrial Park Baihua community Guangming New District,Shenzhen city Guangdong province China
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